Tenughat Mahavidyalaya

Vision & Mission

Our Vision & MIssion

The main object behind the establishment of Tenughat Mahavidyalya is a result of intendment of upliftment and betterment of the population crowded and shrouded throughout this area. To be more specific the area is a tribal area where downtrodden people reside. For their bright future an educational institution was required to be established and in order to give a shape to this pious design, the founders of this institution were led to establish this Mahavidyalaya as far back as in the year of 1982. In spite of many obstructions, up and downs, it is a pleasure to mention that the founders were able to acquire a vast area of 12 acres for the same Even there after many formalities and paraphernalia were to be fulfilled which the founders did. There after the institution under the name and style Tenughat Mahavidyalaya came into existence having its salient features des cribbed here under :-

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